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I took my wife's broken iphone 3g. and my iphone 4 that my home button was not working!!! So I went to cell phone repair tx.. and ""the iphone man" the technician there fixed both of my problems with the iphones.. very knowledgeable technician.!! excellent service and really fast service..! thank you so much!!! i was tired of using my old beat up phone.. im so pleased with this place ..! help me a lot thanks again

Phillip C, Irving, TX

I've broken my phone iPhone4 screen twice now... I've come here both times because the service is fast! I can't live without my phone and Suraj does a great job bringing it back to life and making it look brand new! I recommend this place to everyone!!!!!!!

Sarah ‎ - Jan 27, 2011

I dropped my iPhone and it wouldn't turn on though I could hear it vibrate when I plugged it in. I went to the apple store and they said it was dead and that I'd have to probably buy a new phone. I'm not ready for a new phone yet so I decided to try Cell Phone Repair TX and they quickly fixed the problem in 2 minutes for only $10! WTF, Apple?!

Monica D. Dallas, TX

Great job with repairs and very fair prices. I dropped my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and cracked the screen. It was still working but not very nice to look at. Then, as if that was bad enough, my Note stopped charging unless I could find a sweet spot with the charging cable. I went to my local AT&T store and got some recommendations for repair places since I was out of warranty. I called each place and Cell Phone Repair had the best prices plus Sriaj gave me a little off for needing two repairs. I came in and was waited on right away by Sriaj, was offered a nice cold bottle of water and a place to sit while he repaired my phone. Sriaj's dad kept me company with a lively discussion about the difference between raising your children in India vs the USA. Both Sriaj and his dad are really nice and I left with my new looking old phone a happy customer. I highly recommend this shop for their cell phone repairs.

Christiane D. Carrolton, TX

These guys are so awesome. Fast and do not overcharge. They did an excellent job fixing the screen on my son's iphone. They also can fix ipads, kindles and all other phones. They also said they can fix water damage. I wished I had known about that service a month ago when my phone took a swim. Verizon told me there was nothing they could do about it.

Donna Flower Mound

The service was only 30 minutes and the price is the cheapest in town by far. Will be coming here again to get an ipod fixed.

Liam O'Flaherty

Excellent Customer Service! Very fast and helpful! Only place I would ever use again! I needed my samsung galaxy S2 screen fixed. They helped me find the part online to order. And they charged me $50 less than what I was quoted at many other places. Loved the experience!

Harrison Kellenberger

Such great customer service! Might be in the ghetto- but totally worth the drive! Very reasonable and super friendly! Plus they did a great job, and have a 30 day garuntee!

Trisha Franks

Fast service and great price. Highly recommended

Yongku Kim

smashed my ipad, brought it in and within a few hours it was good as new! thanks for the awesome service!

Dustin Lewis

absolutely love this place. Instant repair, and great costumer service. My iphone4 looks good as new. Thank you Cell Phone Repair. :)

Rhiannon Loredo

If you ever need an affordable and most importantly fast place to fix your broken iphones or ipad you need to come to Cell Phone Repair. Guys here are great and there service is good. Won't be disappointed. Had my ipad fix just like brand new

Esteban Hernandez

Have had 3 iPhones Screens repaired by these guys. They are FAST & do a Great job....... NEED a cell phone fixed?? Go there!!!

Frank Gonzalez

I heard of this place through my brother. So far my whole family has gotten their phone either unlocked or repaired. They do a great professional job every time at prices that can't be beat! This is my third time here, I have gotten my iphone 4 unlocked, jail broken, and is getting updated at the moment. I have had a great experience every time, and definitely recommend this place to anyone with cell phone issues. It's a very trustworthy location too.

Maritza Cabrera

I went here to get my Evo HTC cracked screen fixed. The end result was amazing, my phone looked good as new. I was very satisfied with the work and professionalism of the team who worked on my phone. I would recommend this store to any disheartened cellphone users with cracked screens. You wont be disappointed and the prices are reasonable.

Dianne Callaway

Found this place randomly on Google and was very pleased. Quick and friendly service. Best price when I called around to get my EVO screen repaired. Will def use again and refer others to this place.

Summer Rain

They helped me big time. They don't charge outrageous prices like the people in GP and Arlington and I live in GP! It was well worth the drive!

A Google Uer

I've never rated anything before, but I found Cell Phone Repair TX based on these reviews so I felt it was worth it to others and to them to write this. I dropped my 4S this morning and am leaving town tomorrow so I didn't have much time to call everyone I knew to try to find someone to give me a referral. I called and Suraj answered and said come on in. He started working on the phone (testing everything first) at 1:50pm today and was completely done at 2:27pm. And I watched the whole process start to finish. He teaches other techs how to fix phones; it was obviously second nature to him. They're very professional, and I was impressed enough to come back to the office and type this.

A Google User

I had my Samsung screen broken, they fixed my phone quickly for a reasonable price

A Google User

Repeat Customer. Ive been multiple times for cracked i phones and i pods. I refer all of my friends with great feedback from everyone. Suraj is the man. Always quick with the turnaround!

A Google User

Saying that this place gives good service would be inaccurate!! This place BENT OVER BACKWARDS to make me top priority and fix my iphone that got wet and wouldn't turn on!! I had less than 2 hrs till my flight out of Dallas. 45 minutes is how long it took them to completely fix it!!! So would I say good service?? NO! CellPhoneRepairTX and the guys that work there are amazing! 8

A Google User

I have had my iphone fixed numerous amounts of times because I cant seem to stop dropping it. I have broken the glass and once it fell from the second floor of my stairs at my apartments and the guys at cell phone repair tx somehow always seem to get it working flawless without even being able to notice any prior damage. I will continue to be a loyal customer and recommend you guys thanks!

A Google User

I have seen the techs are really skilled at what they are doing. A lady walked in who had spilled coke on her phone and she could not hear anything. She said maybe this is god speaking to me saying I should not be drinking coke lol. The technicians at Cell Phone Repair TX fixed her phone speaker where the coke had been spilled on it and she said it worked perfect and could hear everything much better. They have also unlocked my iphone 4 for tmobile for me. Great job will definitely recommend them.

A Google User