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iRevive Spray

iRevive Spray

WATER DAMAGE REPAIR KIT Tools and instructions included for all phone models Safe to use on any cell phone logic board Removes Corrosion Eliminates Moisture Fix any water damaged cell phone in less than a hour! Hurry Order now while supplies last Don’t let your phone corrode while sitting in rice. for $24.99* HOW DOES WATER KILL IPHONES? SO WE ALL AGREE THAT WATER IS BAD FOR IPHONES. BUT HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY? You may be surprised to find out that it's not just H2O that harms your phone. In fact if your dropped it into distilled water (pure H2O) it would be perfectly fine because pure H2O doesn’t conduct electricity. The reason that it breaks when you drop your phone in the pool, toilet or wherever else it may happen to fall is because that water is full of free electrons from all the minerals in it. Chlorine or salt are good examples, they are excellent conductors of electricity. That's why you don't take a bath with the radio in the tub. When you get electronic boards wet the electrons use the easiest path to ground, which is the water. And they all try to go at once, the board will shut down. CORROSION IS THE ENEMY! Even if you put your iPhone in a bag of rice for weeks you will not get rid of the corrosion that formed on the board from the ions in the water.

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  1. iRevive Spray Bottle

    iRevive Spray - Repair Water Damaged Phones

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